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Program Recovery

There are times when the large, “bet-the-company” projects/initiatives start to run into problems.  Pendére consultants have extensive experience in quickly troubleshooting “projects in the ditch” and recommending a plan of action for recovery. Our approach allows us to tailor as assessment to analyze areas such as:

  • Organizational readiness
  • Executive sponsorship
  • Project/Program organizational structures
  • Requirement practice
  • Program/Project management practice
  • Quality assurance
  • People skills
  • IT process maturity
  • Software development life cycles
  • Contracts assessment

As a part of the project assessment, Pendére provides the client a presentation outlining the problem areas, findings, and probable impacts (near term and future) along with a prioritized action plan for quickly resolving high impact issues.  Pendére also provides specialized consultants to stabilize the program and ensure its successful completion.